There are a whole lot of graphic designers who find themselves caught in their own pickle right now. And that’s because of Hipster Branding. It’s a project by designer Dave Spengeler that reimagines corporate logos, hipsterfied.
“I’m fed up with the latest design trend. Everything has to be ‘vintage’ style, type has to be centered, all-caps, or written calligraphically,” Spengeler tells Co.Design. “There are lobsters, birds, ribbons, anchors, crowns, arrows, crests, and the famous X everywhere. Personally I like this kind of style. But slowly but surely these cliches are getting overused.” (Read more)

AMEN! I’m so sick of hipster design! :-( There’s no point anymore.
4th Apr 201212:22116 notes
Mika and I hung out in the hallway of the older high school building and I noticed that someone wrote this on the window. It looked so hipster, I couldn’t help myself. =)) Taken with my Nokia C3
Opaque  by  andbamnan